Kanevskyi A., Kotvytskyi L., Kostenko M. Potential nickel mineralization of the Prutivka-Buki area of the Ukrainian Shield // Geological Journal. – 1992. – № 1. – P. 55-63.


Numerous intrusions of mafites and ultramafites are revealed in the frame of the Buki massif (the Ukrainian Shield). The epigenetic impregnated sulphide copper-nickel ores were found in two of them (Prutivka and Zaliznyaki). The chemistry of these intrusions is compared with intrusions of similar composition in nickel-bearing regions of the Soviet Union. A conclusion was made about the potential sulfide nickel mineralization of the massifs composed of pyroxenites and peridotites, which have positive petrochemical signs for the ores.

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The project with high-liquid commodity products: nickel-cobalt and copper concentrates, which is confirmed by previous dynamics of prices and production.
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