About Us

LLC NONFERROUS METALS OF UKRAINE — is a private company, which was founded in July 2016 - to develop deposits of non-ferrous metals and create a mineral resource base of these metals in Ukraine. At the same time, the Company plans to have a positive impact on economic development and job creation in various regions of our country. We care about the stable existence and development of our Company and therefore apply modern approaches and technologies. The Company's staff – are the specialists with significant modern professional experience.

Our mission
Our team plans to begin development of the Prutivsk complex deposit of sulfide copper-nickel ores in Zhytomyr region (Ukraine). The company received a Special Permit for subsoil use of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine (Derzhgeolnadra) dated 22.02.2019 № 4975 - for geological study, including research and commercial development. We have a plan to develop this deposit, which involves exploration with the estimation of resources and reserves of sulfide copper-nickel and possibly precious metal ores, selection of ore processing scheme and determination of the necessary modern technological equipment, creation of mining and processing complex, rapid production of marketable products (the second year of development) and reaching a maximum capacity of 1.5 million tons (for the fourth year). The quantity and quality of ores provide more than 26 years of operation.


LLC NONFERROUS METALS OF UKRAINE is open for long-term partnerships on a stable and responsible basis in the field of exploration and production of complex ores of the Prutivsk deposit.

Our achievements and immediate plans
In 2019, the specialists of LLC NONFERROUS METALS OF UKRAINE analyzed the available geological materials and created a three-dimensional geological model of the deposit, which reflects the location of the main types of rocks. The model was used as a geological basis for the estimation of resource and design of further exploration work. In particular, the creation of a block resource model allowed the estimation of resources, using different cut-off grades of conventional nickel.
Practically all domestic publications devoted to the geological study of the Prutivsk massif, as well as to the search for deposits of sulfide copper-nickel ores in the Volyn nickel-bearing region, indicate the prospects of ore layers for precious metal ore. But their systematic, in particular complete, tests were not performed. Therefore, the available information is extremely incomplete and not always reliable (primarily due to the unreliability of analytical studies). However, it allows us to make quite positive conclusions about the potential prospects of this object.
All these constructions and calculations allowed even in 2020 to perform a preliminary geological and economic assessment of the Prutivsk deposit and make a relevant report. Reserves and resources, according to the current legislation, were tested in the State Commission of Ukraine for Mineral Reserves (SCMR). The conclusions, received by our experts, testify to the correct further directions and volumes of geological prospecting works on the deposit (the protocol of SCMR dated 27.08.2020 № 5160).
In 2021, LLC NONFERROUS METALS OF UKRAINE planned drilling works with a total volume of about 1,500 running meters - with geophysical logging, geological documentation, testing of core material and a set of analytical studies. As a result, new data are expected to be obtained to improve the reliability of resources and reserves, to confirm the quantity and quality of resources according to the requirements of classification NI 43-101 (Canadian National Instrument) or the JORC Code.
To solve these problems, a drilling program was approved and a relevant tender was held. The work performer will be a Turkish drilling company, which has established itself in Ukraine. Completion of the drilling program is scheduled for the 4-th quarter of this year. Geological support will be provided by the Ukrainian company Geological Service Company LLC .

Company strategy
To carry out the detailed exploration, put into operation the Prutivsk complex deposit of sulfide copper-nickel ores and to start a creation of a mineral resource base of non-ferrous metals in Ukraine.




The project with high-liquid commodity products: nickel-cobalt and copper concentrates, which is confirmed by previous dynamics of prices and production.
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