Shumlyanskyy L., Ernst R., Billström K., Wing B., Bekker A. Age and Sulfur Isotope Composition of the Prutivka Intrusion (the 1.78 Ga Prutivka-Novogol Large Igneous Province in Sarmatia) // Mineralogical Journal. – 38, No 3. – 2016. – P. 91-101.


There are a number of dykes and layered intrusions of the Ni-bearing tholeiitic dolerites and gabbro in the Northwestern region of the Ukrainian Shield. These dykes and intrusions were considered either as feeders for the completely eroded continental flood basalts emplaced in an extensional setting or as syn-collisional complexes that crystallized from the mantle melts during the collision of Fennoscandia and Volgo-Sarmatia cratons. Recent U-Pb dating of these rocks indicates that their age is 1780 to 1790 Ma. A U-Pb baddeleyite age is presented for the Prutivka layered dolerite intrusion that hosts the only known Ni-Cu(-PGE) sulfide deposit on the Ukrainian Shield. The new baddeleyite age (1779.2 ± 6.9 Ma) corresponds within the error with the zircon age (1777.0 ± 4.7 Ma) obtained previously for the same sample (Shumlyanskyy et al., 2012) and differs from the zircon age of 1990 ± 5 Ma reported by Skobelev et al. (1991), which is now considered to be incorrect. The new baddeleyite age definitively confirms that this intrusion belongs to the Prutivka-Novogol Large Igneous Province (LIP) and emphasises the potential of gabbroic, layered intrusions belonging to this event to host Ni-Cu(-PGE) sulphide ores. We have also analyzed sulfur isotope composition of sulfide minerals from the Prutivka deposits. Samples were selected from the near-bottom accumulations of sulfide minerals. Sulfur isotope composition (δ34S values) ranges from +0.8 to +3.6 ‰, which corresponds to the previously established range and indicates mantle sulfur source. Sulfur isotope data and U-Pb ages are consistent with the emplacement of the Prutivka-Novogol LIP in an extensional setting, developed shortly after the assembly of Baltica.

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