Kostenko M. Metallogenic Features and Ore-bearing Evaluation of Basite Dike Formations of Volyn Block of the Ukrainian Shield // Scientific proceedings of UkrSGRI – № 3–4. – 2014. – P. 53-69.


According to the analysis of metallogenic ultramafic-mafic formations Volyn megablock are divided into three groups of rock associations, which have different metallogenic potential. The first group includes a metamorphic peridotite-pyroxenite-gabbronorite (Nartsyzivskyy complex) and granitic gabbro associations (Osnytskyy complex) that do not have any clearly defined metallogenic specialization. The second group includes the formations of metallogenic ultramafic-mafic-monzonites (Bukynskyy complex), tholeiitic gabbrodolerites (Prutivskyy complex) and gabbro-troctolitic (Kamyanskyy complex) associations. The geological, mineralogical, petrographic and petrochemical features of this formation group are matched to world known nickel formations and can includes the large commercial deposits of sulphde copper-nickel ore formations with a cobalt and platinum associated components. The third metallogenic group includes the basic rocks of gabbro-anorthosite (Korostenskyy complex) and subalkalic gabbrodolerites (postkorostenskyy and postovrutskyy dike complexes) associations, which are characterized by a distinct phosphorus-titanium metallogenic specialization.


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The project with high-liquid commodity products: nickel-cobalt and copper concentrates, which is confirmed by previous dynamics of prices and production.
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