Halii S., Kohut K., Shyrhabekov N. Platinoid in sulfide ores of the northwestern block of the Ukrainian Shield // Mineralogical journal. – 1994. – V. 16, № 3/4. – P. 21-28.


Platinum content of sulphidic copper-nickel: ores in intrusive mafite-ultra-mafites of the Volynian megablock of the Ukrainian Shield was studied for the first time. It is found that accumulation of platinoids is a result of residual melts at high activity of bismuth and tellurium. A rise in the platinum concentration of minerals corresponds to an increase in metallic properties of relations in their structures. Attribution of platinoid concentration to zones of enhanced content of a volatile constituent of the ore-magmatic system may serve as a prospecting criterion.

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The project with high-liquid commodity products: nickel-cobalt and copper concentrates, which is confirmed by previous dynamics of prices and production.
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