Day: December 3, 2021

Falkovich O., Palkin I. Creation of mineral resource base of strategic metals (by example of Prutivka complex copper-nikel and precions metal ore deposit) // Materials of the Seventh International Scientific and Practical Conference “Subsoil Use in Ukraine. Prospects of Investment (2021, Lviv). Vol. 1- K , State Commission of Ukraine for Mineral Resources, 2021. – P. 241—245.

The problem our own mineral resource base creation was considered relatively often since Ukraine became independent. However, this issue was never analyzed systematically. Besides, current investment demands during geological survey and ore processing scheme establishment were not taken into account. The purpose of the paper is estimating the available information on the prospectives of Prutivka complex sulphide copper-nickel ores deposit management and revealing the necessary steps to prepare the deposit to the development emphasizing its complexity. The paper analyzes the data of last 25 years published sources on the prospectives of Ukrainian territory ore content for colour and precious metals. It considers the potential platinum bearing and includes author’s experience and data. Lack and inconsistency of accessible information about the perspectiveness of Prutivka complex sulphide copper-nickel and precious metal ores deposit revealed. The need to change approaches to development and preparation of the deposit is proven. These approaches must be based on contemporary complex ore processing schemes taking into account modern investment demands. The final conclusions concerning the industrial importance and investment attractiveness of the Prutivka complex deposit can be done after the defined workflow based on the modern worldwide standards.

Materials Conference “Subsoil Use in Ukraine. Prospects of Investment”

The project with high-liquid commodity products: nickel-cobalt and copper concentrates, which is confirmed by previous dynamics of prices and production.
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