Kostenko, M. Sulfide copper-nickel mineralization in the northwestern part of the Ukrainian shield // Geological Journal. – 1989. – V. 49, № 2. – P. 94-103.


Manifestations of nickel mineralization in the north-western part of the Ukrainian Shield is briefly characterized. The Prutovka sulphide copper-nickel ore manifestation revealed recently in the framing of the Buki gabbro-diorite-granodiorite massif is characterized at greater length. Ore manifestation, presented by the chalcopyrite-pentlandite-pyrrhotite association is spatially and paragenetically related to the gabbro-dolerite intrusion. Mineralization formation is explained by deep segregation and distribution of sulphide melt through faultings (following the injections of residual basic rock melt) from intermediate magmatic focus, whose earliest derivatives are rocks forming the Buki massif.

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The project with high-liquid commodity products: nickel-cobalt and copper concentrates, which is confirmed by previous dynamics of prices and production.
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